WOO Summer Camp 2015

We had a pretty epic Summer Camp this year in Gigante! This year we had 2 summer camps: a children’s English, Art and Games themed camp, and a teen’s English and Surf Camp. Each camp was held two times per week in the mornings during the month of January.

Special Highlights this year included:

  • Record attendance, averaging 26 children and 25 teens per class!
  • 8 children’s classes, 8 teen English classes, 8 teen surf sessions delivered through the month of January
  • 2 Youth Leaders who worked all January to help plan, deliver and evaluate our summer camp program, and who earned surfboards for their time and hard work!
  • 2 Youth Surf Instructors who gained experience in teaching young people how to surf at all 8 of our surf classes
  • Employment of 1 local teacher who worked alongside us to deliver the children’s summer camp
  • Fun and engaging ways to learn English, Surf, Art, Science and even a little Cooking through activities like Making Pancakes, Making Volcanos, Ice Cream in a Bag, Pet Rocks, Fairy Houses, and much much more.
  • A Community Surf Day
  • 374 volunteer hours which helped to make this a reality


Special Thanks to Jackson’s Ice Cream for supporting the delivery of Summer Camp and Lynn & Betty Magnum for supporting the WOO Gigante English Program.

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