Introducing Gigante’s new English Teacher!!

Hi there! My name is Lara & I have just returned to Gigante and Project WOO to teach English until the end of February. I first came here in November last year. I ended up falling in love with the community of Gigante and couldn’t resist the opportunity to come back!


When I was here before I stayed for 3 months working in a team to coordinate summer camp for the kiddies & a “summer club” for the local teens. We played games, we had laughs, we even learned how to hulahoop with a pineapple between our legs (as you do… J)


Over the past three weeks: I have been settling into my home stay with Isabel, Ronald & family (see pic to right); meeting with teachers & parents; speaking with adults in the community; and generally spreading the word that English classes will be starting…


This week we held our first classes in the elementary school. Each Monday I will be holding a session for the lovely teaching team on the same subjects we’ll be covering in class. The idea behind this is to increase their English level, improve their ability to support English within the classroom and to generally make the program more sustainable.


For grades K-6, we will be holding classes every Tuesday and Thursday. For our first week we had an assessment with the older grades. This will help us to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, as well as measure student progress in the coming months.


I have lots of other plans for the WOO English Program during my time here! On the radar just now is: an “English Club” for the teens; classes for adult groups (such as those working in tourism; those at the Health Clinic; etc); an English Summer & Activity Camp; and more depending on where the community deems an English teacher to be most useful.


I am so excited about being able to work with Project WOO team and the community of Gigante… Stay tuned for more updates or get in touch if you have any questions about the program. Ciao for now!


A message from Lara Buros, Gigante’s new English Teacher!!

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