Health Center Update from Lindsay Mayock!

Here in Gigante the rain has returned, bringing with it fresh life and lots of activity at the The Gigante Community Health Center. As we approach our 4 month anniversary, things are really getting busy, with multiple projects in the works. This week we have had the pleasure of hosting two female physicians from the United States who are collaborating with our doctor in residence to conduct a Pediatric screening brigade. With the help of the health team, they screened 31 local children for proper growth, developmental milestones, vision, nutrition, and anemia. They found a high incidence of anemia among the children, which they treated with supplements, nutritional recommendations, and family education. The doctors worked together seamlessly, providing fantastic care for the kids of our community.
Like most everywhere in this day and age of excessive consumption of processed foods and less than a desirable amount of exercise, hypertension is one of the most common diagnoses here. In Gigante, many people with hypertension have gone untreated due to the poor access to health care in the past. This month we will be seeking to change that as we work to develop a formal hypertension program at the GCHC. The program will kick off with a brigade combining the talents of a group of students from Texas studying medical Spanish with those of our GCHC team of doctors. We will be conducting house-to-house blood pressure/lifestyle screenings to identify patients who require care, and inviting them to participate in an ongoing treatment/education program designed by our health team. Then, with the help of our talented Masters in Public Health intern, Logan Hitchcock, we will utilize data from this program to help us quantify our community impact. Much more to come…
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So, several irons in the fire this month, and lots to do. But we’re excited about it all. To me, it conveys that the health center is finding its stride, as all of our hard work begins to be put into practice. This week’s brigade is a prime example that even in its infancy, the Gigante Community Health Center is without question helping this community to improve it’s overall health and wellness. And we’re just getting started.
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