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WOO’s Founding

The Founders of Project WOO met as Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras, Central America in 2004. Nick Mucha and Adam Monaghan both lived and…

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Mission & Vision

Project Wave of Optimism firmly believes that international surf travel has a profound impact upon the local populations of Latin American surf …
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Why We Are Different

Project WOO believes that the only way to achieve sustainable community development is through a combination of local participation, our partner…

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WOO’s Model

Project Wave of Optimism believes that process is as important as purpose. Good intentions lack good results in the absence coherent planning…

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WOO in the News

From Surfline to ESPN, Project WOO’s efforts to marry surf tourism with sustainable community development has garnered attention in the press…

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Volunteer Program

Project WOO is grateful to have worked collaboratively with the local villagers of Playa Gigante for over six years on a wide range of volunteer programs.

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Meet the Team

Bo Fox

Executive Director, Nicaragua

Bo moved to Nicaragua in 2011 to take the lead on all Project WOO development initiatives. Bo executed WOO’s second community census, needs assessment, and project selection process, resulting in the identification of the Gigante Community Health Center project. After three years as Program Director, Bo took the reins as the Executive Director in 2013. Committed to community development and in love with Gigante, Bo fills his day connecting with the local community and enjoying the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Trent Gordon

Executive Director, United States

Trent Gordon joined Project WOO in 2009 as the Director of Business Development. On a last-minute fly fishing trip to Chile, he fell in love with Latin culture and has since spent over a year off-and-on exploring Central and South America. Trent has a diverse background spanning investment banking, private equity, strategy, and business development. An avid skier, surfer, rock climber, and winemaker, Trent is focused on building financial support for Project WOO’s work in Latin America.

Lisa Bisceglia

Volunteer Program Director

Lisa Bisceglia has been facilitating community development and leading groups of volunteers in Latin American countries for almost 20 years. She has a Masters in Education and a wide range of experience in the alternative education world. She has worked extensively with community organizations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. Lisa is passionate about surfing and was excited to find WOO in 2011 for the opportunity to learn about community development within an ever growing surf tourism world.

Lara Buros

English Program Manager

Lara first came to Gigante in December 2013 and helped deliver the third year of WOO Summer Camp (which included the first ever Jovene/Teen Club!). After traveling for a while, she returned in June 2014 as the full time English Program Manager. Additionally, she also started the Girls Surf Club and headed this year’s English/Surf Summer Camp. Lara loves working with the children, young people, and wider community of Gigante, especially when it involves wigs. She loves to surf and is constantly working on her style maneuvers.

Mariana Jarquin

Doctor and Health Center Coordinator

Mariana Jarquin completed her Medical Degree in March, 2014 in UNAN Managua. She has been working for Project WOO for a year now, time that she defines as constant personal and professional growth, teamwork, good communication, respect and trust as a family. What she likes most about Project WOO is its passion and dedication to health and education projects. She loves poetry and her favorite sport is baseball, which she practices often. She would love to learn how to play the guitar and learn how to surf!

Maria Auxiliadora Selva

Assistant, Gigante Community Health Center

Maria Auxiliadora was born and raised in Nicaragua and has been involved with Project WOO since the organization first started its programs in Gigante. She was a volunteer for more than two years, and became the Assistant at the Gigante Community Health Center in February 2014. She highlights how impactful it has been in her personal and professional life to become part of Project WOO. In her free time, you’ll find her smiling around her three sons and showing off her amazing green thumb skills.

Laura Lopez Ricart

Health Program Coordinator

Laura was born and raised in Barcelona but defines herself as a world citizen. A lawyer by training, she spent her last three years surrounded by New York’s skyscrapers completing her Masters in International Development and working at the United Nations. She moved to Gigante at the end of 2014 as WOO’s Health Program Coordinator. She has been establishing Spanglish as an official language within WOO and learning to love surf wipe outs.

Lorenzo Mena

Transportation Coordinator, Nicaragua

Lorenzo Mena is the Transportation Coordinator and Bus Driver for Transporte Ola de Optimismo (Wave of Optimism Transportation), which is Project WOO’s social business venture in Nicaragua. Lorenzo is a Gigante local that all community members respect and trust. With over two years of full-time work for Project WOO, Lorenzo operates the transportation business smoothly and delivers all monthly finances directly on his own.

Adam Monaghan

Founder, Advisor
Adam Monaghan

Adam Monaghan is the Co-Founder for Project WOO and now serves as an advisor. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in theology from Boston College in 2003. During the spring 2002 semester he attended La Universidad de San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador where he lived with a host family and traveled throughout South America. From 2004-2006 he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Municipal Development program in Honduras. Adam is a fluent Spanish speaker and lived in Nicaragua for over two years, where he founded Project WOO’s field operations and completed the pilot transportation project.

Nick Mucha

Founder, Advisor
Nick Mucha

Nick Mucha is the Co-Founder of Project Wave of Optimism, and now serves as an advisor. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in political science at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2002. After working in sales for a year and a half, he joined the Peace Corps where he served as a Municipal Development volunteer in rural Honduras from 2004-2006. He focused on a variety of projects ranging among locally-led tourism initiatives, women’s empowerment groups, and alternative education projects. He now serves as the Environmental and Program Director for Save The Waves Coalition.

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